Julian Grey Actor Website

Julian Grey Website Design

Website Design, Development and Content Editing for actor Julian Grey


  • Selected a WordPress theme to fit with Julian Grey’s brand (based on work he’s done and would like to do moving forward)
  • Domain name and web host setup – purchased domain, set up web hosting account, and set up email.
  • Project pages – Customized pages for each project (ex. Godless, Wayward Pines) with links to project specific image galleries, trailers, and reels.
  • Image Galleries – Gathered both Behind the Scenes images (from Julian) and created stills from the Films and TV Shows he’s worked on.
  • Contact form
  • Writing – Wrote and edited all content on website. Pulled quotes from social media and press.
  • Press – created a Press section and sourced all press. Decided which articles were best to add to the website and edited for content.
  • Search Engine friendly and Secure – Customize WordPress and content to ensure search engine friendly and also that website is secure and less likely to be hacked.
  • Resume timeline page – Designed timeline for Julian’s resume. Page also includes a short bio with links to current headshots

Additional services provided

  • Photography session – photos used throughout the website, on social media, for news articles, and as headshots.
  • Social Media Design – Set up Twitter and Instagram accounts and designed graphics. Integrated social media with website.
  • Bio – wrote bio
  • IMDb update –  Updated bio and images and added links to social media and website.
  • Video Editing – procured scenes, edited and added to website
  • Wrote press release pitch to reporters for The Craft 2020 movie release – on Deadline here

Projects section

Project description layout

One of several layouts for a project page

Website on phone

Mobile view of Navigation

Mobile View of News


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Services Provided Design, Digital Management, Writing/Editing Services